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The Skinny on Holiday Photo Gifts

• Save 25% on my favorite Craftsy classes, including:

     “Getting Started With Portrait Retouching in Photoshop”

     “Perfecting Photoshop Portraits”

     “Moving Between Lightroom & Photoshop: Edit Fast, Edit Smart”

     “Mobile Photography: Perfect Photos in Your Pocket”

     “20 Lightroom Lifesavers”

• Instant slideshows with Siri (how-to)

• Apple’s custom greeting cards (how-to)

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Do you have a laminator?

purple cow laminator

Go ahead and admit it — you want one! We’ve been using this $29 Hot and Cold Laminator by Purple Cows for over a year now, and love it. Amazingly, it even includes 100 high-quality clear pouches for laminating items of various sizes. It’s a perfect addition to your arsenal for making holiday photo gifts! (To discover how to buy or make my favorite photo gifts, see my book below — the technique for making napkin rings also works for laminated bookmarks!)

6 Quick Ways to Perfect Images in Apple Photos

Ready for six quick ways to improve your family photos? Check out my two new stories at Macworld to quickly process all your cherished holiday photos — including hidden keyboard shortcuts and copying adjustments from one photo to others in Apple Photos! Read them here and here.

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