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7 Safari superpowers for creatives

One of the great things about Apple apps is that they're packed with a slew of helpful features. For example, both Preview and QuickTime Player include a multitude of superpowers that many folks aren’t aware of. Unless you click every button and scour every menu, you’re likely not using the app to its potential. In this column, you’ll discover seven handy tips for using Safari the next time you’re surfing the web...click here to read the full story on Macworld.com

How to create an animated 3D gif

If you're looking to seriously step up your creative game for Valentine’s Day, and you have a full Creative Cloud membership, check out this tutorial from Adobe that uses Fuse CC and Photoshop CC. They partnered with renowned fine art photographer Flora Borsi to create a fun step-by-step tutorial to help others create an animated 3D GIF for Valentine’s Day (click the GIF to see it play).

How to create your own Valentine cards using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Unless you’re fortunate enough to live near a Trader Joe’s, affordable greeting cards are hard to come by. If you no longer enjoy paying $6 or more for a greeting card, you can use your Mac to create a unique and personalized card that your loved ones will cherish. In this column, you’ll learn to create a simple yet classy Valentine cards using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (nearly any version of these apps will work). To keep it budget-friendly, we’ll use standard size paper and then fold it.

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