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How to create custom greeting cards in Photos for Mac

How to create custom greeting cards in Photos for Mac

Photos for Mac makes it ridiculously fun to create custom greeting cards and yearly newsletters. As you may expect from any Apple product, the cards you create in Photos are extremely high quality and thus perfect for any occasion. Cards can be folded or flat—if you’ve got extra dough, you can opt for letterpress, wherein each letter and image is physically pressed into textured paper. There’s no minimum order for cards, either. You can order one or 100. On the other hand, there aren’t any quantity discounts, but the cards do come beautifully packaged with matching envelopes… click here to read the full tutorial on Macworld.com.


Let Siri create a slideshow for you in Photos for Mac

When guests visit, we love having a Photos slideshow playing on our Mac. However, if guests show up with little or no advance notice (as they tend to do during the holiday season), you’ve got little (or no) time to go picture hunting. Happily, macOS Sierra lets you tell Siri to track down certain pictures for you. From that point, all it takes is a couple of clicks to get a slideshow rolling… click here to read the full tutorial on Macworld.com.

Web and Print Design course bundle: $59

Our friend Erica Gamet is teaching a Social Media Graphics online course this week at CreativeLIVE. Get it bundled with her Small Business marketing design course for just $59! Watch anytime, forever. Click here to register.

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