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How to create a photo grid template in Lightroom

Grids are a wonderful way to showcase a handful of pictures on your blog or a social media site, though creating a custom grid in Photoshop takes time and skill. What many folks don’t realize is that you can easily create JPEG photo grids in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s Print module. In this column, you’ll learn how to create a photo grid and save it as a template...click here to read the full tutorial on Macworld.com

How to stitch photos into a panorama using Adobe Camera Raw

panorama by Jack Davis, wowcreativearts.com

One of the caveats of being a photographer is that you may not be equipped with a lens that’s wide enough to capture the scene you want. When such misfortune strikes, all is not lost; you can take several overlapping shots and then merge them into a panorama using Adobe Photoshop’s Camera Raw plug-in, which comes with Photoshop. (The steps are nearly identical for creating a pano in Lightroom.) Click here to read the full tutorial on Macworld.com.

How to easily assess, cull, and organize photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Not all photos are perfect. It’s natural to have good ones and bad ones, especially in digital photography where you can take as many photos as you want with no guilt involving the cost of film and development. If you’re old enough to remember shooting in film, you probably tossed only the truly terrible shots. You then (likely) left the mediocre ones in the envelope you got from the photo lab, and you (probably) forgot about them. Only the best shots made their way out of the envelope and into a physical album.

New book project is Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC for Photographers: Classroom in a Book!

I'm absolutely over the MOON to announce my new book project, "Adobe Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC for Photographers: Classroom in a Book." Of all the tech books in the whole wide world, this is the one I wanted to write the most. I can't wait to help people learn to use these two amazing applications together.

Understanding photography-related file formats

In last week's Creaticity column, you learned about basic image file formats such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc. However, once you pick up a camera, terms such as raw and file formats such as DNG, XMP, along with a plethora of proprietary formats, can creep into your life. In this column, you’ll learn what all that means.

How to check your photo’s colors before ordering printed projects online

’Tis the season to print your photography, whether it’s a picture you’ll frame, a greeting card, or a calendar, book or other photo-related project you’ll order online. Since it’s challenging (if not impossible) to print some of this stuff at home, it’s best to leave the printing to pros such as Apple (using iPhoto or the Photos app), services such as mpix.com, your local camera store, or even Costco.

50% off new video: Moving Between Lightroom & Photoshop: Edit Fast, Edit Smart

Moving Between Lightroom & Photoshop: Edit Fast, Edit Smart

To celebrate the release of my newest Craftsy.com video today, you’ll save 50% through July 27! In “Moving Between Lightroom & Photoshop: Edit Fast, Edit Smart”, you’ll learn time-saving techniques for making Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom work together perfectly and give your images the professional polish they deserve. Find out which program to use for each of your image-editing tasks. Then, learn the setup requirements for passing high-quality files between the programs and make file-naming a breeze. Learn how edit in Lightroom and how to send files back to Photoshop for special effects—with tips on these programs’ Superpowers. Next, learn how to exchange files as smart objects and scale or add filters without damaging your original file. Finally, learn how to use both programs to retouch your images and find out how to use Lightroom to showcase your work. Plus, discover how to turn a slideshow into a movie with just a few simple tricks! Click here for all the details and a short introductory video.

Moving Between Lightroom & Photoshop: Edit Fast, Edit Smart

In this Craftsy.com class, you'll learn how to use Photoshop and Lightroom together. You’ll discover how to use both programs to their strengths, including creating export presets, watermarks, projects that showcase your work and more. To begin, I’ll provide a quick intro to both Lightroom and Photoshop and then I’ll teach you which program to use for each of your image–editing tasks. And, don’t worry if you need to see one of these techniques again. With Craftsy, you can watch your HD video lessons as many times as you wish.

How to create a Lightroom slideshow and sync it to your iPhone or iPad

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can create some of the slickest slideshows in the west. They’re easy to make and incredibly handy for showing off cream-of-the-crop shots at home, at the local photography club, or for using as a digital portfolio. In this column, you’ll learn to create a slideshow that you export and then sync to your iPhone or iPad.

Slideshows have a couple advantages over just handing someone your iPhone to flip through your Photos app: You can add captions so they know what they’re looking at, and a slideshow has an end point, so they won’t keep swiping into images you might not want them to see. Click here to read the full story on Macworld.com

Lightroom 6 released today

Today Adobe announced Photoshop Lightroom 6. Here's a super brief roundup of new features: