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Lightroom 6 released today

April 21, 2015 by

Today Adobe announced Photoshop Lightroom 6. Here's a super brief roundup of new features:

  1. Facial recognition
  2. Merge High Dynamic Range images (or rather, support for combining multiple exposures)
  3. Merge panoramas
  4. Include videos in slideshows
  5. Spot Removal tool performs better blending
  6. Adjustment Brush now has movable pins
  7. Lightroom CC is same program as Lightroom 6; however, you can only use Lightroom Mobile with Lightroom CC after your Lightroom 6 trial period has ended.

For more info, visit Adobe's blog post here: http://blogs.adobe.com/photoshopdotcom/2015/04/the-cc-photography-plan-k...