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How to access advanced OpenType features in a variety of apps

Fancy typography doesn’t require expensive software. Thanks to the OpenType font format, the newest versions of everyday software (and the pro stuff) can tap into a multitude of alternate character designs if you know where to look. In this column, you’ll learn to use a variety of applications to add a special flourish to an important letter in a word—say, the first or last letter of a name—or to change the appearance of any amount of text. It’s a wonderful way to enliven an invitation, greeting card, inspirational graphic, logo, headlines, stationery, resume, and so on...

QuickTip: preparing t-shirt artwork in Illustrator

When preparing artwork in Illustrator to go to a silk-screener, you want to use colors from the Pantone Coated library. Be *sure* to delete all of your unused color swatches before sending it off. This ensures that when your printer runs separations, no surprise color plates will be printed (translated: no surprise charges!).