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Photoshop Deep Dive: Selections

September 17, 2012 by
Not Free

So many selection tools, so little time. In this full day deep dive, I'll teach you how to use each one of Photoshop's selection tools to grab irregular areas, how to select by shape and color using various tools, how to perform quick selections, as well as how to select tough stuff such as hair and fur using the Refine Edge dialog box. Regardless of what you need to select, I'll show you how! Here's what people are saying about the course:

"I have purchased all of Lesa's Deep dive classes and have learned so much. She makes it easy to understand and she gives you examples and goes through them more than once so you understand. This is the class that not only shows you how to but what you can do. She gives you ideas and she is a joy to watch and listen to. I can say enough good things about Lesa's classes and I am so glad to have them in my tool box to refer back to anytime I am stumped on how to fix problem in Photoshop. Thank you Lesa!!" Sept. 24, 2015 by MB

This is one of many video courses I created for creativeLIVE.com. The courses are extremely affordable (starting at $29; no subscription required), and you can watch the videos by either streaming them through your web browser or by downloading the movies — in either standard or high-definition. All classes include layered exercise files you can download and follow along with.

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