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Photoshop Deep Dive: Adjustment Layers

September 18, 2012 by
Not Free

In this full day deep dive, I'll teach you how to use one of my favorite Photoshop features: adjustment layers. They're quite literally one of the most useful features in the program for non-destructive editing. For example, you'll learn how to use adjustment layers to correct exposure and turn full color images into beautiful black-and-whites. You'll also learn how to change the color of literally anything in an image, create gorgeous color tints, high contrast effects and a lot more. You'll also learn how to use the layer masks that tag along with them.

This is one of many video courses I created for creativeLIVE.com. The courses are extremely affordable (starting at $29; no subscription required), and you can watch the videos by either streaming them through your web browser or by downloading the movies — in either standard or high-definition. All classes include layered exercise files you can download and follow along with.

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