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Perfecting Photoshop Portraits

July 15, 2015 by
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In this Craftsy.com class, you'll learn to seriously up your retouching skills. You'll learn to make every portrait a masterpiece, and go beyond the basics with professional retouching techniques in Adobe Photoshop. These skills will make your subjects feel amazing and even more beautiful. For example, you'll expand your Photoshop skills by learning how to use your software to take years off of your subject's face, realistically change their hair color, add digital makeup, remove unwanted items, and more. To begin, I'll show you how to enhance your images by removing stray hairs, as well as trimming and filling in eyebrows for a flattering face–framing effect. And if you need to see one of these techniques again, you can watch each lesson as many times as you wish. Plus, you learn when and where it's convenient for you, with lifetime access to your online lessons, so you don't move on until you're absolutely ready.

Included are exercise files so you can follow along, and there's also ongoing Q&A using the unique Craftsy website! That means you and I are connected for the life of the class. Here's what people are saying:

"Thank you so much for this class. I don't have Photoshop but I use Acorn and Pixelmator instead. I've had to do a little research but it hasn't been too hard (Thanks dashkards.com) and most of the stuff has worked exactly as Lesa shows. I have watched the whole class but haven't tried all the techniques yet. The ones I have tried have been amazing. I am now a Lesa Snider fan and even bought her books on Photoshop and Photos for Macs. Could you make a Pixelmator book or class? I love your teaching style and would buy them in a heartbeat." Sept. 7, 2015 by SK "As always Lesa makes processes easy and cuts through the geek talk to make it understood by us mortal folks. Thanks Lesa I always learn a great deal with your courses." July 26, 2015 by EH Here’s a little preview: Your subject, not their accessories, should be the focal point of every portrait. So, in this lesson, you'll learn how to use the patch tool! First, get comfortable working with the calculations that Photoshop uses to blend texture and color. Then, master the clone stamp to seamlessly remove unwanted objects from your images.

“Pro In our next lesson, I'll show you how to retouch your photos in a natural, professional–looking way. Learn how to turn your brush tool into a faux dodge and burn tool to reduce wrinkles, brighten eyes, sculpt the face and take years off your subject's appearance. You'll also find out how to automate your setup in Photoshop for editing ease in future projects. Moving on, make even your most self–conscious subjects feel confident. I'll show you how to slim down your subject by free–transforming an entire photo or just a few areas. Then, discover a variety of blending techniques, and find out how to layer mask options for a hidden transformation. “Non-destructive Don't think you're a makeup artist? Think again! In this lesson, you'll learn how to accentuate existing makeup, and add new makeup to lips, cheeks and eyes — all using Photoshop. I'll walk you step–by–step through adding each piece of makeup in a separate layer. Then, confidently play with color for a dramatic effect your clients will love. Color is one of the most impactful aspects of a finished photo. In this lesson, learn how to experiment with color using three techniques: hue saturation, selective color and color fill. From objects in the frame to your subject's hair, learn how to use the refine–edges function to realistically refine color and achieve just the right look every time. “Time-saving In our last lesson, we'll use colorizing and tinting to add an artistic touch to your photos. I'll demonstrate how to add pops of color to a black–and–white image, and you'll even learn how to access a multitude of gorgeous color–combination presets. Enroll in Perfecting Photoshop Portraits today, and learn these accessible, time–saving techniques for stunning portraits that go above and beyond to make your subjects feel their best.