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Graphic Design for Everyone

January 31, 2013 by
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Graphic design is everywhere you look; some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it just plain ugly. In this 3-day online graphic design course, you'll learn the four secrets to great graphic design that will ensure your promotional materials always looks their very best. Each design secret will be revealed, defined and then put into practice on several projects including business cards, ads, and more. You'll also learn a lot about typography and color theory, both of which are essential for your design success. No matter which software you use—Photoshop, InDesign, Pages, or even Word—these design techniques will serve you well! Here's what people are saying about the course:

"Exactly what I needed for current and upcoming projects! Actually, it was much MORE than I thought I needed. Once it all sank in, I realized just how much I didn’t know, but needed to know. The training is top-notch and very effective, and just to top that off with a cherry, Lesa Snider is the most engaging instructor with whom I’ve had the privilege to learn. I can’t recommend this course, Graphic Design for Everyone enough. Talk about “clicking” with an instructor…a self-professed Southern geek/nerd with a sense of humor is a darned near perfect click between that instructor and this student. I love to learn anyway, but Lesa Snider’s classes are a wonderful blend of fun that runs throughout the entire course of technically advanced concepts and application. Where do you find a course where you laugh as much as you learn (both massively)? A Lesa Snider course. I’ve already put the course material to good use and look forward to using the class info and skills even more in future projects." April 7, 2014 by AD

"Lesa Snider is the best!!! Her spirit and love for Graphic Design and Photoshop (or any program she teaches) shines through. Her sense of humor and unique way of teaching, going over EVERYthing TWICE makes it easier to absorb and remember." April 7, 2014 by RF

"Enjoyed.. and Learned a lot!! Thanks soooo much for offering this quality program. Watched and BOUGHT!!! Practiced while I was reviewing. Great Resource. Thank you thank you!" Feb. 3, 2013 by CC

"I enjoyed it very much. However, I hated that I could not pause or rewind,,,so I had no choice, had to purchase. Lesa is a terrific Instructor. She takes the hardship out of the learning process with her wonderful ever so friendly personality. She instead turns it into a joy and I enjoy very much her courses! Thank You Lesa!" Feb. 3, 2013 by TN

"Excellent Graphic design course. I watch many videos from Creative Live and this was one of my favorites! Great value for 2 days of training!" Feb. 1, 2013 by AR

"I've been a fan of CreativeLive for along time. I've attended many classes, but this is one of my most favorite sessions. I think Lesa is a great trainer and find I am learning a great deal. I liked it so much I actually purchased this course. I would watch any course she was part of. Great graphics design course and wonderful tips." Feb. 1, 2013 by RL

This is one of many video courses I created for creativeLIVE.com. The courses are extremely affordable (starting at $29; no subscription required), and you can watch the videos by either streaming them through your web browser or by downloading the movies — in either standard or high-definition. All classes include layered exercise files you can download and follow along with.

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