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Ordering business cards online

December 29, 2004 by

It's that crazy/magical time of year again; time to prepare for Macworld Expo, San Francisco. In a couple of weeks the Mac faithful, developers, trainers, authors, and vendors will converge upon Moscone Convention Center en masse to see what's hot and what's not. For me, Macworld prep this year means getting new business cards made *fast* and now that they're in my hot little hands, I've got a great online source to pass along to you.

Having no experience with online printers in the past, and being completely anal about accurate color reproduction, proofing, et al, I was more than slightly anxiety-riddled about the whole process. Thank the Gods I had the wherewithall to ask my college cohort Dave Gillem who he uses.

He recommended M&M Communications Concepts (don't be alarmed because their web site doesn't really look like that of a printer). For a mere $125, I received 2500 of the most beautiful, two-sided cards on the nicest stock (thick but not too thick) which not only looks good, but feels great in your hands as well. This is a big deal because your business card represents the professional image you wish to project to the universe at large, or at least it ought to!

The process was satisfyingly simple. After placing just one call to Marion Marks, a most kindly gentleman, I emailed him a high-resolution, CMYK .tiff exported straight from Illustrator and made payment (in full) via PayPal. I was then treated to bright, cheery emails detailing every step my design encountered along the way. He let me know he received the file (what a concept) and that there were no problems with it. He let me know when the cards would print, when they would ship, and what the tracking number was (*crazy*). Me thinks Marion and the guys at M&M Communications have a few Tom Peters books on their shelves :)

Bottom line

If you need to order new business cards, give the guys at M&M a shot; I think you'll be tickled pink with the results (and tell them that Lesa Snider sent you!). Who knows, maybe I'll get to give you one of mine in San Francisco in a couple of weeks!