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Royalty-Free Stock Photo book now on Kindle, iBooks, EPUB and PDF

The Skinny on Shooting for Royalty-Free Stock

Lesa’s ebook “The Skinny on Shooting for Royalty-Free Stock” is now available on the Amazon website for reading on Kindle devices. In addition, you can read the Kindle version in any web browser, as well as on Mac OS X, Windows, iOS devices and Android devices using Amazon’s free Kindle app. 

The book is also available in Apple’s iBooks Store, and on the PhotoLesa website in EPUB and PDF formats. 

Photoshop User magazine’s 5-star review proclaimed: “This is truly a textbook on how and what to shoot to make money in the microstock photo market.”

Click here for more information or to buy the book.

How to Make Money Shooting Microstock

There's money to be made in the realm of stock photography, specifically the super affordable royalty-free phenomenon called "microstock". However, with so many great photographers jumping on the bandwagon, competition is stiff. In this informative session, I share the tips I learned during my six years as iStockphoto's chief evangelist so you can have a successful career shooting microstock. Learn what kind of photos sell, five shoot ideas guaranteed to produce results, and more.