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How to access advanced OpenType features in a variety of apps

Fancy typography doesn’t require expensive software. Thanks to the OpenType font format, the newest versions of everyday software (and the pro stuff) can tap into a multitude of alternate character designs if you know where to look. In this column, you’ll learn to use a variety of applications to add a special flourish to an important letter in a word—say, the first or last letter of a name—or to change the appearance of any amount of text. It’s a wonderful way to enliven an invitation, greeting card, inspirational graphic, logo, headlines, stationery, resume, and so on...

My 18 tips for InDesign at XChange

InDesign tips

Our good friends at XChange posted my favorite 18 tips for InDesign, along with helpful illustrations. These are just some of the real-world tips from my Creative Cloud Essentials video training, which covers important uses for each of the Creative Cloud apps and how they work together. For the past 23 years XChange US and XChange UK have been our go-to sources for information and products that improve efficiency. Whether you work with color, design, multimedia, or print and publishing, they're happy to help you find the ideal product or solution for your particular need. Visit their website and read the tips here.

Use your local library

A library is a place to hold frequently used elements. This could include things like horizontal and vertical rules used as design elements, pre-formatted picture box holders for headshots and ads, a pre-formatted table... just anything that you use over and over within a document.