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Mylio review: Keep your photos organized, synced and backed up

January 09, 2015 by

It’s easy to capture digital memories, but managing all those photos and videos is a galactic drag (after all, there’s no fun in workflow). Unless you’re a pro photographer, it’s hard to force yourself into good habits around renaming, keywording, organizational, and most importantly backup. If you don’t, you can lose a lifetime of memories, plus it’s impossible to find specific photos because they’re stored across various computers, iOS devices, external hard drives, bras (kidding!), and social media sites. Heck, you’ve taken a slew of photos you’ve not yet seen.

Enter Mylio, a database-driven, nondestructive editing and syncing app launched in October 2014. It’s designed for anyone who takes pictures (hobbyists and pros), managing all your photos—iPhone, Facebook, point-and-shoot, DSLR, whatever—in one place, side by side. Mylio also syncs your photos among the desktop, iOS, removable, and remote devices you tell it about, so your entire collection is always backed up and accessible in multiple places. You can edit, share, and export photos using Mylio, too. Sound too good to be true? Let’s find out...click here to read the full review on Macworld.com