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3 ways a $70 scanner can change your life

April 07, 2015 by

Graphic geeks love to scan things. There’s something satisfying about capturing an archival quality image of a printed photo, newspaper clipping, fabric or other cherished keepsake. These days it may seem quaint to use a desktop scanner to capture images, but there’s many creative and archival tasks that only a desktop scanner can perform well. And thanks to recent advances in optics and electronics, you don’t need an expensive desktop-hogging monolith to get great results. Heck, today’s $70 scanners—say, Epson’s Perfection V19 and Canon’s LiDE120—aren’t much bigger than your laptop and they do an incredible job. They get their power through the same USB cable they use to send data to your Mac (no power brick), which makes them ideal for pulling from a drawer or shelf when a scanning opportunity arises. In this column, you’ll learn three great reasons to own a desktop scanner...click here to read the full story on Macworld.com