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How to make beautiful calendars with iPhoto

December 03, 2014 by

For an incredibly meaningful gift, look no further than a wall calendar hand-crafted in iPhoto. Apple’s calendars are nice and big (13 by 10.4 inches), beautiful, and affordable—$20 for a gift that lasts 12 months! Each one is wire-bound, with lots of room for pictures above the date grid. You can customize each month with text and titles, import holidays and events from iCal, and plop photos into individual date squares. It’s printed on gloriously thick matte stock, and even the packaging is a treat—it arrives inside a classy white envelope.

While you’ll pay a little less for a calendar from shutterfly.com, mpix.com, or snapfish.com—or more for one from pinholepress.com—they’re not as big, and the quality isn’t as good. Plus, you’d have to upload photos to those sites and use their design system, which has fewer customization options. Here’s how to create a calendar gift your recipient will never forget...click here to read the full review on Macworld.com