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Geek Girl Tech Conference: San Diego, June 21

June 04, 2014 by
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I'm thrilled to be teaching again at the Geek Girl Tech Conference in San Diego! Please join me June 21, 2014, at the University of San Diego -- and get 20% off your registration with code PhotoLesa14.

All the presenters are women, and the conference attendees are mostly women and girls, but it’s not limited to women. One aspect I’m particularly proud of is their sponsorships for underprivileged girls, many of whom have never spent time with successful women (especially in tech!). Below are my workshop topics. I’ll also be signing copies of my books on iPhoto and Photoshop!

Please register for this amazing opportunity at http://sandiego.geekgirltechcon.com, and remember to use the code PhotoLesa14 to save 20%!

(And have a look at the brief interview they did of me last year: http://www.geekgirl.tv/2013/08/lesa-snider-geek-girl-5/)

Here are the topics I’ll be presenting:

Taking Better Pictures with Any Camera (any skill level)

Whether you use a point and shoot or a camera that supports interchangeable lenses, this informative and entertaining session will teach you how to achieve more engaging shots in-camera. You'll learn what file format to shoot in—JPEG or raw—which scene mode to use when, and two settings that can make or break your images. You’ll also discover the secret to composing more visually pleasing and interesting shots, plus how to capture sharper images. Last but not least, you’ll learn tips for getting those photos out of your camera and into your computer. 

Graphic Design for Everyone (any skill level)

Graphic design isn’t rocket science, but it sure can feel like it. In this session you’ll learn the four secrets to great graphic design to ensure your layouts always look their very best, no matter which program you use to create your masterpieces. Each design secret will be revealed, defined and then put into practice using a business card, flyer, and an ad. Even if you’re a seasoned graphic designer, the principles covered in this session will be an extremely useful refresher. 

Learn to Love Photoshop Lightroom! (beginner to intermediate with tips for advanced users)

Ready to take control of your photo library once and for all? Ready to actually enjoy image processing? Then you're ready to fall in love with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. You'll learn how to import, manage, and correct images using Lightroom's friendly and non-destructive, slider-based workspace. You'll also glean secrets for applying global changes to photos, how to target specific areas for more selective changes, and how to apply changes to multiple photos en masse. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by processing your photos, this is the course for you!

Down and Dirty Photoshop Creative Effects (intermediate to advanced)

Get the scoop on turning your photos into unique pieces of art in this super creative yet practical session. You'll learn how to create a triptych, add color tints, create a gorgeous yet subtle glamour glow, how to add spectacular edges, vignettes, and more. These techniques are great for designers and photographers alike! 

Master Moving and Removing Objects in Photoshop (intermediate to Advanced)

Photoshop sports a slew of tools that you can use to remove items from your images. Whether it’s a blemish, under-eye bags, strands of hair, whole people or objects, this session will help you master which tool to use when. You’ll also learn how to scoot people and objects closer together, as well as move whole objects to a new position so you’ve got room for text. At the end of this session, you’ll have the power to turn the image you have into the image you need.