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Creative Cloud Essentials FREE on creativeLIVE, March 31-April 2

March 19, 2014 by

Are you ready to take advantage of all the benefits of Adobe's Creative Cloud? Join me March 31–April 2 for "Creative Cloud Essentials", a comprehensive 3-day immersion into how it can enhance your business. This class can be watched through any web browser, and it's 100% free while live, though videos will be available for a small fee after the workshop. Click the link in this paragraph to enroll and download several useful cheat sheets.

Whether you're spending $10/month on Adobe's "Photoshop Photography Program", or $50/month on a membership to the Whole Enchilada, you can't afford to miss this class!

We'll cover everything you need to know to get the most bang for your Creative Cloud buck. You'll learn how to use the powerful tools in Adobe's collection to build promotional materials. You'll learn how to create and customize a pro-level portfolio website with Behance that ties into your blog and social media networks. Learn how to include slideshows, audio and video in your portfolio, and then show it on any iPad or iPhone. Discover practical tips for creating engaging designs for ads and postcards using thousands of fonts from TypeKit. Learn how to use Lightroom to produce a beautiful photo book for use as a portfolio, a leave-behind, or a client gift. You'll also learn how to create a professional and engaging video portfolio in Photoshop that you can showcase on your website, iPad, Behance, or burn to a DVD.

You'll also learn how to use use Kuler to snatch a color palette from a prize-winning image to use on your website or promotional materials. Learn how to use familiar drag-and-drop tools in Adobe Muse to create a full-blown website worthy of your work, with light boxes and slideshows to showcase your portfolio, and contact forms to gather leads. Take it live with built-in hosting, and update it whenever you like!

Along the way, you'll learn practical tips on how to sync your Photoshop settings to any computer and how to share files with clients and coworkers. You'll master the Adobe Creative Cloud app for updating your software and downloading new software, as well as for managing online files, exploring and downloading TypeKit fonts, and managing your interactions on Behance.

By the end of this course, you'll have mastered the art of shameless self-promotion, have more sellable products to offer to your clients, and be eager to make use of all the software and services you're already paying for. You've got it, so make the most of it!

Watch the event for free while it's live or during its rebroadcast each night, or buy the professionally-produced high-definition video recording of "Creative Cloud Essentials" at creativeLIVE.com to download or watch anytime online.

Below is a list of topics I'll be covering:

  • Cost & benefits of Adobe's "Photoshop Photography Program" (Lightroom, Photoshop & Behance)
  • Lightroom: the world's best image Organizer
    Lightroom: Easy image correction
    Lightroom: The power of presets
    Lightroom: Saving presets to the Creative Cloud
    Lightroom: Watermarking images
    Lightroom: Building a book (Blurb integration & save as PDF)
    Lightroom: Building a website
    Lightroom: Sending images to Photoshop
    Lightroom Mobile for tablets: what we know so far
  • Photoshop: Building a triptych
    Photoshop: Removing an object
    Photoshop: Tips for correcting images professionally
    Photoshop: Watermarking images
    Photoshop: Sharing presets
    Photoshop: Building a direct mail photo postcard
    Photoshop: Building a magazine or newspaper ad
    Photoshop: Building a website ad
    Photoshop: Building a video portfolio for website, Behance and iPad
    Photoshop: Using Kuler to generate a color palette from an image
    Using Adobe Kuler app for iPhone & iPad
  • Behance: Understanding the power and value of Behance
    Behance: Instantly uploading photos & projects from Photoshop & Lightroom
    Using Behance to make a professional website
    Behance: Adding slideshows, audio and video
    Behance: Setting visibility options
    Behance: Customizing your website's appearance
    Behance: Showing your portfolio on a tablet or smartphone
    Behance: Inviting others to collaborate or comment on projects
    Behance: Managing interactions
    Behance: Work For Sale area
    Behance: Creating a resumé page
    Behance: Using your own domain URL
    Behance: Optimizing for search engines
    Behance: Integrating with Google Analytics
    Behance: Turning on Sharing buttons
    Behance: Integrating with TypeKit for fonts
    Behance: Controlling resolution of images
    Behance: Controlling notifications
  • Cost & benefits of full Creative Cloud membership and "Creative Cloud for Teams"
  • Creative Cloud App: Mastering downloading & updating programs
    Creative Cloud App: Sharing files using a Web browser or the "Creative Cloud Files" folder on your computer
    Creative Cloud App: Restoring previous versions of files
  • TypeKit: The Power and Limitations
    TypeKit: Web Fonts vs Desktop fonts
    TypeKit: Installing and using the fonts
  • The Lowdown: what each Creative Cloud program does
  • Practical uses for major Creative Cloud programs:
    Acrobat: Locking a PDF from printing or copying
    Acrobat: Reducing the file size of a PDF
    Acrobat: Extracting images and text from a PDF
    Acrobat: Converting a PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Images or HTML
    Acrobat: Enabling Commenting and digital signatures
    Premiere Pro: Stabilizing video for use in Photoshop
    Illustrator: Tracing a logo
    Illustrator: Changing colors & resizing
    Illustrator: Easy typographic logos
    Illustrator: Instantly uploading art from Illustrator to Behance
    Kuler: Syncing color themes to use in Illustrator
    InDesign: Building a template for invoices
    InDesign: Building a business card template (to add crop marks to Photoshop files)
    InDesign: Intro to creating & publishing an iPad app using Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition
    Muse: Intro to visual website design
    Muse: Building a website, including light boxes, slideshows and contact forms
    Muse: Using Muse's built-in Web hosting