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My fantasy road race team

February 04, 2009 by

I'm so unbelievably A.D.D. I can get distracted in the blink of an eye. Today one of my (many) distractions -- while I should've been writing a big honkin' column that's due Friday -- was to form a fantasy road race team.

My team, "Lesa's Hotties" are pictured above. I'm a little miffed that Lorenzo appears above Rossi in the grid though but I couldn't figure out how to modify that without starting over. Frak.

If this sounds like a distraction you *yourself* might be interested in, trot on over toYour Bike Life for more details on forming your own team (you can even race against mine). Basically you pick two riders each from MotoGP, World Superbike, and British Super Bike. You can pay for the riders with a 10 million pound budget. You score points according to how well your riders do in their respective races. It's even possible to win a a real bike! Let the fun -- and distractions! -- begin :)