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How to Communicate More Effectively in Business with Graphics

December 02, 2009 by
Spotlight on Marketing

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to the folks who started the Duct Tape Marketing movement at their annual coaches gathering in Boulder, CO— is an incredibly smart and motivated group of people from all over the country. During the workshop, I had the pleasure of meeting and being interviewed by a wonderful marketing guru from Vancouver, WA (you can watch the video by clicking the link farther down in this page).

My special topic was all about creating presentations that are riddled with graphics in lieu of bullet points. I went over the importance of telling your story with pictures so the audience keeps their focus on you and not your slides, and I covered several resources for obtaining high-quality images, such as iStockphoto.com. I turned them onto the affordable image editing program Adobe Photoshop Elements, and spoke of file formats, along with resizing images so that they fit your slides.

Toward the end I also went over a few speaking tricks I've picked up along the way, such as a great tip for making the audience feel like you've had direct eye contact with every quadrant of the room, using a blank slide at the end of your presentation for your summary, how to choose the correct font size for your slides, and so on.

Later that afternoon I was lucky enough to spend a little time chatting with Michael Thompson, founder of Market Accelerator in Vancouver, WA. You can watch our interview by clicking inside the video window below, though be sure to visit Michael's small business blog for some great marketing advice! Thor knows we could all use it.

Big thanks to Michael for the fun and informative interview! By the way, all of this information—and more!—is covered in my training DVD, Graphic Secrets for Business Professionals, available at Lynda.com. Also, be sure to click here for 10 free high-resolution images from iStockphoto.com!

Until next time, may the marketing force be with you all :)