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Lesa joins Kelby Training

May 15, 2008 by
"From Photo to Graphic Art" is now available

Woo hoo! Today my first title for Kelby Training went live. It's a 2-hour little ditty called From Photo to Graphic Art and covers how to take normal photos and turn them into beautiful pieces of art, using Photoshop CS3. Here's a quick run-down of the content:

Partial color effect, faded color effect, colorizing a black & white photo, sepia-tone with burned edges, blurring the background, from photo to pencil sketch, realistic reflections, ornamental vector photo frame, filtered and painted edges, real world picture frame, combining images (4 parts), turning a photo into stone, high contrast effects (2 parts), breaking a photo into pieces, aging a photo, and eyes of the Otherworld.

Each QuickTime movie is approximately 3-6 minutes long and shows each step of the tutorial while I talk you through it.

Pricing for KelbyTraining is $19.99 per month or $199 per year and that gives you access to every class (more are being added every day). Scott Kelby has literally gathered up the best instructors in put them all in one place and I'm very honored to be one of three female instructors in the whole program. I do hope you'll take this new service (and my title) for a spin.

Coming soon is Practical Photoshop Elements, and whatever else I can dream up. Enjoy!