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A surreal weekend in Miami

March 21, 2007 by

Last weekend I had the honor of teaching at SPE, the Society of Photographic Education, in Miami, FL. Wow. What a great time that was. My girlfriend Leslie from Dunedin (near Tampa), drove five hours to hang out with me and we had ourselves a right proper good time.

They sky was blue, the ocean was turquoise, and the people were bronze, buxom, and just amazingly beautiful. The clubs were hopping, the food was fantastic, and due to an unholy volume of mojitos, we felt like we needed a vacation come Sunday (click on the photo to the left to visit the photo gallery, built in Aperture). The photos you see include the beach, Star Island (where the super rich live), a photo display taken at the Margulies Warehouse collection (both fantastic and fantastically depressing), and various seafood imbibed at restaurants such as Nobu and Tuscan Steak.

The only downside is that on the weekend it can take an over an hour to get across the bridge from downtown to the beach, and cost upwards of $15 per 10 minutes for parking. It's complete madness. A video of the surreal club Mangos lives here. (DISCLAIMER: This video is not for the faint of heart. It involves half naked women gyrating things heretofore unimaginable. Download at your own risk! And yes, I really am the best wife ever.)