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My Lone Star Amazon Girls

April 12, 2007 by

I'm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this week and am *loving* getting to spend some time with my great girlfriends, Kathryn and Missy. Kat is a graphic design teacher at UTA and was honored to drop in on her class and spread the iStockphoto faith.

This shot is of Kat, Missy, and I after we sauntered up to one of our favorite night spots, Ten, a martini bar near the Stockyards area of Fort Worth. It's a small little bar down the street from one of our longtime hangouts, Pop's Safari Cigars & Fine Wine. (Here's to the many fine cigars, mates, and sinfully delicious glasses of port that have come and gone at Pop's over the years between the three of us!). Kat and Missy are over 6 feet tall, we're an amusing threesome to see walking down the street.

At Ten, we imbibed some fine martinis and I basically sat on a couch across from everyone and snapped pictures half the night. Just click on the photo above to see the whole gallery.