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Much fun at the Golden Nugget

March 14, 2007 by

Yes it's in the seedy downtown area and I frackin' love it. I'm talking about one of my favorite hotels in Las Vegas: The Golden Nugget. While I was there for PMA (Photo Marketing Assoc), my mom met my husband and I there and we all had a blast. Where else can you get an $8 filet mignon eggs benedict and play $5 three-card poker?! Mama and I also enjoyed a decadent spa day. Then we all relaxed in a pool with... well... a bunch of sharks!

Check out the pictures because it just doesn't seem real. Video of the water slide through the acquarium lives here!

But wait, what's that stuff in the center?
When I was here in October 2006, this area was under construction
A water slide??
A shark-free hot tub
Dive Bar
Through an aquarium? Oh cool!
?!?!?!? Sharks?????
Can you imagine?!
At breakfast, Mama and I picked Keno numbers
We bet a $1 on each round
Happy Shawn--he had filet mignon eggs benedict for $8 :)
Stairs leading up to..
the most beautiful hot tub ever
Pillowy ceiling
The way back down :(
With snacks!
The sink area, complete with all the hair/body products one could ever want
The changing and locker area
Mama and I curled up on a plushy chair
Happy toes :)
The Golden Nugget Spa
Mama taking pictures
And now look at it!
And what's that orange tubular thing?
Lots of sharks!!!!
Leopard sharks!
At my favorite restaurant in all of Vegas, Mon Ami Gabi at The Paris
Me with shrimp and wine!
"Organ Boy" having his duck liver pate
My fish
His steak
His dessert (chocolate mousse)
Mama's dessert (bread pudding)