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I get to meet Megadeth!

May 18, 2007 by

Well, so much for being able to concentrate on work today. I just got a call from long-time Your Mac Life listener (and iStockphoto exclusive contributor), Charles Silvey. He's arranged for me to meet The Most Amazing Metal Band of All Time tomorrow afternoon!

:::::dances around house:::::

His buddy owns Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey (about an hour and a half from Westport), and he's arranged for me to be their special VIP guest to meet Megadeth during a signing for their new album, United Abominations, tomorrow at 2:00 pm.

:::::dances around house:::::

I can get *two* things signed, plus have a picture made with them!!!

:::::dances around house:::::


:::::throws devil horns:::::::


Gotta go and wash my official Megadeth Fan Club t-shirt :)