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Corel’s friendly painting package for hobbyists

October 08, 2007 by
Spotlight: Painter Essentials

Hot on the heels of the new Painter X release comes a completely redesigned package for painting hobbyists: Painter Essentials 4.

Sure, the folks at Corel could have stripped out some features from Painter X, slapped on an “Essentials” label, and called it a day (and to be honest, in previous versions that’s just what happened). However, with Painter Essentials 4, the company went back to the drawing board and designed a completely new interface—it looks nothing like Painter X, though it packs much of its power.

Geared toward arts and craft enthusiasts, scrapbookers, and digital photography hobbyists, Painter Essentials 4 is a shockingly friendly and affordable home art studio that makes discovering the world of paint and brushes enjoyable... more (click transport to Macworld.com for full story)>