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Building Blocks: Secrets to Great Graphic Design

June 25, 2007 by

Howdy everyone! I'm pleased to say that I have a feature in the current Layers Magazine (July/August edition). Here's a little excerpt:

"Do you know “The Secret”? Have you heard about it? Since this fine magazine is in your hot little hands, then you must have! I’m talking about the secret to great graphic design, of course, not a recent episode of Oprah...

If you’re a seasoned pro, then prepare yourself to be refreshed. If you can’t remember driving past an art school—much less going to an actual design class—you’re about to learn some really cool stuff which will enable you to create layouts both visually pleasing and easy to read..."

And here's a personal note to me from Robin Williams herself:

"The article is great and I am honored and delighted that you've found the book useful and want to pass the information on. I'm impressed with your work. You're a much better designer than I am..."

Of course her last comment is *not* true at all, but nevertheless a galactic compliment. It's really neat when someone you've admired for years sends you a note like this. Whee! So rush out and get your copy of Layers Magazine today!