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Top 1 Thing I Hate About iPhoto 6

April 13, 2006 by

iPhoto 6 is a wonderfully powerful tool and I love using it for photo importing and organizing, and for editing when I just don't have the time to play in Photoshop (or Elements) for more serious editing. My one complaint about this new version is that Apple is trying to force me into using iWeb for posting web photo galleries. That's right, they took away the "Publish to Home Page" option completely. Now I have to export web-friendly sized photos, then upload them onto my iDisk, *then* use the web interface on Mac.com to create a photo gallery. Super ugh. It's a pain, but I suppose it will make me start using iWeb, which is exactly what they want. And I guess by using iWeb for my photo galleries I'll be motivated to start that podcast that I've been planning sooner rather than later.

(sigh) Maybe the blasted Mothership knows best :)