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Thick and sort of tasty

May 14, 2006 by

It was bound to happen and I wanted everything to be just right when it did. Today, I drank (chewed?) my very first Guinness. It was formidable to be sure, and I believe I experienced it in the best way possible when not in Ireland: in Manhattan at a pub called The Irish Pub.

It was a perfect day for such a hefty brew: drizzling and cold. Shawn even had the bartender draw a little clover leaf in the foam. It wasn’t bad, but I certainly can’t say I’m craving another. I was optimistic as I’ve begun to enjoy a few Porters and even a Nut Brown Ale or two. Don’t give up on me yet, oh thick one, my beer tastes are just now developing thanks to the everyday Canadian influence of my Nova Scotia-bred hubby. No more fizzy yellow American beer for me! Just can’t stomach it.

After our thick brew, the iStockphoto business development guy, Garth Johnson, flew into town for some meetings we had later in the week. So we went to dinner in Little Italy and being typical boys, Garth and Shawn both wanted to sit with their backs up against the wall. Since this left me on one side of the table by myself, I got a pretty hilarious picture :)