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Mon Ami Gabi

June 11, 2006 by

So I get into Vegas late Sunday evening and who do I meet at baggage claim? Thunder from Down Under, the Aussie male stripper team. Can you believe that?! I knew something was up for that many reasonably attractive, well-built men to be congregating around the carousel with matching suitcases (be sure to check out the Vegas picture link at the top of this page).

Fortunately, this set the tone for a very enjoyable trip. Though I didn’t win any money, I had a great time and did a lot of valuable networking at the HOW Design Conference (namely with the good folks over at The Creative Group and Lynda.com).

Aussie hot bodies aside, my favorite moment of the entire trip was the first night when I took myself to one of my favorite restaurants on the planet. It’s called Mon Ami Gabi and it’s in the Paris hotel on the strip. The food is great and there’s a balcony that sits directly across from the Bellagio water fountain. It’s simply magical. Be prepared for to wait to sit outside though, but it’s worth it.