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A little electronics show called CES

January 05, 2006 by

Before trotting off to Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Shawn and I thought we’d really punish ourselves by doing CES in Vegas first. What were we thinking?! Gads, by the time we left for San Francisco on Sunday we were already exhausted. Oh, and we’re getting married at Macworld too (we like to pack a lot into our trips!).

All in all we had a great time running around helping David Pogue shoot video in various booths, and even met up with Chris Breen and Jonathan Seff from Macworld Magazine. And we did get cool press gifts like this rolling backpack thing.

Notice the little red camera around my neck? That’s Canon’s PowerShot SD-30. Check out the full review of it plus a Digital Rebel XT that Shawn and I tested during the week. The review is called Big Guy-Big Camera vs. Little Girl-Little Camera. Be sure to follow the link to the photo samples!