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I'll Spend My Summers in Calgary

July 26, 2006 by

I’m taking this weather home with me on Friday, that’s all there is to it. Every day this week I’ve enjoyed blue skies, 95 degrees temperatures with zero humidity. If you live in the South, you’re green with envy, I know you are.

My flights were uneventful, save for sprinting from one terminal to another (B to E) in Salt Lake City. I even snapped this beautiful shot of a sky full of white puffy clouds during one leg. More importantly, I didn’t get accosted by immigration this trip. Yay!

Here in Calgary, things are going very well and I’m spending some quality time hanging out with the iStockphoto crew. The guys love my podcast idea, which will be launching mid-August, my official evangelist page on the iStock site is under way, and I’ve got lots of teaching and writing assignments on my to-do list. And there’s seafood here, and 6% alcohol by volume beer!

Life is good indeed. Maybe I should send for Shawn, the cats and the bikes and we’ll just stay here for the rest of the summer :)