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I went, I taught, and I got married!

January 18, 2006 by

Thanks to all the folks who attended my sessions during Macworld Expo. I had a great time sharing widgets, shareware, Photoshop CS tricks, and with my beloved MUG peeps, some tips for great graphics. Two of my presentations are available as a PDF in the Downloads area.

And to those of you who came to my wedding, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Those who couldn't be there were with us in spirit, and those that were partied and danced till the cows came home with the best band ever, the Silicon Valley House Rockers. Very special thanks to Andy Ihnatko, David Pogue, Chris Breen, Tyler Anderson, Steve and Pam Mielnicki, J and Sheila Curtis, and Paul Kent for making everything happen. And to my new husband, Shawn King, I love you. More pics and video here!