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How to Show Size

October 18, 2006 by
Photography QuickTip: A special tip culled from Scott Kelby's new Digital Photography Book

My good friend Scott Kelby has churned out yet another book, and personally, it's fast become one of my favorites. It's called The Digital Photography Book and if you've ever dreamt of taking better photos, or if you're a seasoned pro wanting to improve your game, or if you own a digital camera of ANY KIND you have to get this book. It's packed full of fantastic tips, like:

"The next time you want to show the sheer size of something, simply add a person [or other object] to your shot and you've got an instant frame of reference everyone can identify with..."

Simple, yet oft forgotten (as illustrated in the photo above). Buy this book now and improve your shooting abilities before the holidays, but be forewarned: you just may read the whole thing in one sitting. Besides, if you buy it through my Amazon link in this paragraph, I get .02% as a kickback ;)