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Top 6 Things I Learned

July 13, 2005 by
…while working on the Tiger Missing Manual

Welcome to the first in a series of Top 6 lists I'll be making for each book in which I tech edit, snap screen shots, or serve as full production editor (sometimes all three at once!). This week I'm going to share some very cool things I picked up while working on David Pogue's Tiger Missing Manual.

  • Command-[ is the keyboard shortcut for going back a page in Safari, the iTunes Music Store, *and* in Finder windows. Likewise, Command-] goes forward.

  • Shift-Command-A pops open the Applications folder, and Shift-Command-U pops open the Utilties folder

  • Holding down the Option key while dragging to resize the Dock (click and hold on the little divider bar) makes the icons pop to the actual size in which the developers drew them.

  • Super evil monitor trick: rotate the display of any Quartz Extreme-supported Mac. Option-click the Displays icon immediately after launching System Preferences, and a Rotate pop-up menu will magically appear. Muhahahaha :)

  • Point to any word in Safari or TextEdit and press Control-Command-D, and the definition appears (only works in Cocoa applications).

  • When doing currency conversions in the Calculator, it actually dials out to update the exchange rates

  • Make the Thesauraus open as default when launching the Dictionary. Pop open the Dictionary preferences and drag Thesaurus above it in the list.