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Family crisis in the piney woods

February 09, 2005 by

My apologies for not uploading any new content last week. My Dad was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer, so I immediately flew home to East Texas where my Mom and I spent the week in the hospital with him. The bright side is that he's actually feeling better than he has in a few months since treatment has begun.

On a slightly geekier side, with my laptop, inMotion speakers, and a 1/8 in. audio cable, I was able to bring some lighthearted comedy into a depressing hospital room with "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again" (not to mention BBQ ribs via take-out from Texas Roadhouse). Thanks to everyone who has written me with caring sentiments.

The above photo is of our driveway in Linden. This picture also exists in a few of David Pogue’s iMovie Missing Manuals ;)