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Don't rule out the ugly objects!

July 27, 2005 by
QuickTip: Digital Photography Composition

Last weekend I went on a canoe trip, and had a *blast* taking pictures while being paddled all over the Harpeth River.

It was interesting to me that the best photos of the 100 or so I shot, were ones with inanimate objects, such as this one to the left.

The lesson here is to look around when you're framing up a shot. At first glance, this dirt road down to the river bank just looked beautiful, though there were these banged up, aluminum canoes in the way. I started to zoom in so they wouldn't make it in the picture, then thought better of it. I backed up, flipped the camera over to get a portrait view, and included them in the shot. The photo looked much better with this added color and depth :)