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The Skinny on Photoshop Elements 12


Welcome to the most practical guide for Elements 12 on the planet. In this informative ebook, you’ll learn the essential differences between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, and how to use Elements’ three editing modes: Guided, Quick, and Expert. You’ll also learn how to perform a slew of practical editing techniques such as replacing backgrounds, cropping and resizing without losing important objects, removing blemishes and objects, correcting colors, lightening teeth & eyes, moving and cloning objects, colorizing black-and-white images and artistically converting color images to black-and-white, stitching a panorama, adding a dark edge vignette, placing text behind an object and placing a photo inside text, tinting an image, fading images together for a collage, adding creative edges, and intelligent sharpening.

At the end of the book is a cheat sheet of the most useful keyboard shortcuts you’ll use every day.

Please see the Table of Contents below for a complete list of topics.

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Sample Pages: 
Page 35 - Guided Edits
Page 89 - Expert Mode: Guided Edits
Page 143 - Expert Mode: Changing Reality
Table of Contents: 

Welcome to Photoshop Elements 12

Watch the video!
Photoshop CC vs. Photoshop Elements

Elements Organizer

Importing, Tagging, and Rating
Editing in the Organizer
Creating Albums
Printing and Sharing
Using Elements as an External Editor in 
Adobe Lightroom or Apple’s iPhoto

Elements Editor Overview

Guided Mode
Quick Mode
Expert Mode

Opening Images and Creating New Documents

Layers Explained

Guided Edits

Puzzle Effect (new in Elements 12)
Rotating the extracted puzzle pieces

Quick Edits

Remove Redeye
Fix Pet Eyes (new in Elements 12)
Instagram Effects, Textures, and Frames (new in Elements 12)
Fix Color and Lighting in Quick Mode

Resizing and Resolution

Understanding Resolution
Resizing and Cropping in Expert Mode
Resizing with the Print Dialog Box
Changing Image Size with the Recompose tool

Expert Mode: practical edits 1

Straightening Images
Quick Slimming Effect
Teeth & Eye Lightening
Stitching Multiple Images into a Panorama

Expert Mode: practical edits 2

Auto Smart Toning (new in Elements 12)
Correcting Images with a Levels Adjustment Layer
Masking (Hiding) a Levels Adjustment

Using Camera Raw

File Formats: Raw vs JPEG
Correcting images in Camera Raw

Expert Mode: creative edits

Colorizing Black-and-White Images
Changing Colors when Colorizing Black-and-Whites
From Color to Black-and-White (Adjustable)
From Color to Black-and-White (Non-Adjustable)
Partial Color
Fading from Color to Black-and-White
Customize a Color Tint
Use a Color Tint Preset

Backgrounds & Vignettes

Replacing Backgrounds
Dark Edge Vignette

Creative Edges

Creative Edges with the Refine Edge Dialog Box
Creative Edges with the Cookie Cutter Tool
Saving an Image with a Transparent Background

Healing Faces

Using the Spot Healing tool to Remove Objects
Using the Healing Brush to Lighten Eye Bags
Using the Healing Tools and Clone Stamp Tool on a Portrait
Adding Digital Makeup

Removing Objects

Using the Spot Healing Brush and Clone Stamp Tool to Remove a Power Line
Using the Clone Stamp Tool to Remove Larger Objects
Using the Content Aware Move Tool (new in Elements 12)

Replacing the Color of an Object

Changing Color by Painting
Changing Color by Filling a Selection

Text Tricks

Placing Text Behind an Object
Placing a Photo Inside Text or a Brushstroke

Collages and Combining Images

Soft-Oval Vignette Collage
Fading Images Together

Sharpen Professionally

Sharpening with a Visible Edge Preview
Sharpening specific areas

Resizing, Changing Format, and Watermarking Multiple Files

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Elements 12

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