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Photos for Mac and iOS: The Missing Manual

Whether you’re on a Mac or iOS device, Apple’s new Photos app makes it easy to transfer photos from a digital camera, organize them, edit them, and publish, print, or share them. But, alas, there’s no printed manual for the program. That’s where this comprehensive, witty, and objective book comes in.

Here’s an excerpt from the foreword by David Pogue:

"Fortunately, you have the world’s best instruction book in your hands. It’s in color (as any photography book should be); it’s loaded with important tips, tricks, and details; and it’s written by Lesa Snider. When she was a young whippersnapper, Lesa spent three years at my side, producing Missing Manuals with me. Later, she co-authored “iPhoto: The Missing Manual” with me for several editions. Then she took the bestseller lists by storm with her “Photoshop: The Missing Manual." In other words, if anyone embodies that very, very precise intersection of photography, software, Macs, Missing Manual books, and command of plain English, it’s Lesa."

In this book you’ll learn how to:

Migrate from iPhoto (and Aperture). Learn how to make a quick and smooth transition.
Organize your collection with ease. Master the many ways to import, group and categorize images—and set up iCloud Family Sharing.
Sharpen your editing skills. Skillfully use Photos' impressive image- and video-editing tools on your Mac and iOS device.
Access images anywhere. Sync your library to all of your Apple devices so your photos travel with you wherever you go.
Share them online. Show your shots to everyone on your list by using shared albums, creating web galleries, posting them on Facebook and more.
Dive into creative projects. Build pro-level slideshows to share with others and create gorgeous gift books, calendars, and cards.

I also riddled the book with lovingly hand-crafted screenshots to illustrate important points. I hope you enjoy the book!