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FREE Photoshop Deep Dive webinars Sept. 17-19

August 22, 2012 by

In September I'll be headed back to creativeLIVE studios in Seattle for three free webinars called Photoshop Deep Dives.

On the first day, you'll learn how to select difficult, irregular areas, as well as select by shape and color using various tools. You'll also learn how to perform quick selections or carefully produce refined edges. You'll also learn all about painting selections onto an image by hand using Quick Mask Mode. Regardless of what you need to select, I can show you how! http://lesa.in/1jjzFUF

On the second day, you'll learn what Smart Objects are, how best to use them in practical situations and how to create Smart Object templates that will let you easily replicate your work on other images. We'll also cover working with nested Smart Objects, which is crucial for working with multilayer documents, as well as linked and unlinked Smart Objects for duplicate content within the same document. If there's a use for Smart Objects, I'll cover it! http://lesa.in/1piiOZW

On the third day, you'll learn how to use adjustment layers for exposure and color correction, changing color, how to apply various color effects, and more. They're one of the most versatile tools in Photoshop, and in this 1-day Deep Dive, I'll teach you all about 'em. http://lesa.in/1uVfALR

Click the following link to register for these incredibly affordable Photoshop courses, which have a special introductory price that will blow your socks off! For just $79, you can get all four deep dives -- including the previously recorded 1-day Deep Dive on Adobe Camera Raw 7 -- for just $75: http://lesa.in/TValJx