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Photoshop Deep Dive: Blend Modes

Want to master using Photoshop's blend modes? Then take a deep dive with me in this online course and I'll show you everything you need to know about them. You'll learn what each mode means, the differences between each mode and which mode is most useful for your creative needs. Here's what people are saying about the course:

"Great workshop. Lesa has a way of explaining things that makes it easy and makes it stick!" Dec. 11, 2012 by RC

Photoshop Deep Dive: Bridge

Adobe Bridge has been installed alongside Photoshop for many years, though lots of people don't know what to use it for. In this full day deep dive, I'll show you exactly how to use it and how it can save you time. For example, you'll learn how to easily navigate and organize your file structure, as well as how to filter and rate your images, as well as add keywords. You'll also learn how to rename files, make changes to multiple files, and how to copy/paste edits you've made in Camera Raw onto other images.

FREE Webinar 10/2: How to Retouch Images Like a Pro

Mark your calendars! I'm doing a FREE webinar tomorrow morning, October 2 at 11 am MT for O'Reilly Media. The topic is How to Retouch Images Like a Pro in Photoshop CS6. That said, the techniques work in previous versions as well as in Photoshop Elements. If you'd like to tune in, you can watch via your web browser. Just click this link to register: http://lesa.in/QEZ6W2.

This recording will be posted in its entirety a few days after the workshop. I hope to see some of y'all there!


Photoshop Deep Dive: Smart Objects

Smart objects are super useful but the name is very confusing. Join me in this full day deep dive to learn what they are as well as when and why you should use them. By the end of this course, you'll be amazed at how you can use them to swap content, create templates, manage repeating art, edit non-destructively, retain image quality even while resizing, and more! If there's a use for Smart Objects, this course covers it! Here's what people are saying about the course:

Photoshop Deep Dive: Adjustment Layers

In this full day deep dive, I'll teach you how to use one of my favorite Photoshop features: adjustment layers. They're quite literally one of the most useful features in the program for non-destructive editing. For example, you'll learn how to use adjustment layers to correct exposure and turn full color images into beautiful black-and-whites. You'll also learn how to change the color of literally anything in an image, create gorgeous color tints, high contrast effects and a lot more. You'll also learn how to use the layer masks that tag along with them.

Photoshop Deep Dive: Selections

So many selection tools, so little time. In this full day deep dive, I'll teach you how to use each one of Photoshop's selection tools to grab irregular areas, how to select by shape and color using various tools, how to perform quick selections, as well as how to select tough stuff such as hair and fur using the Refine Edge dialog box. Regardless of what you need to select, I'll show you how! Here's what people are saying about the course:

Photoshop CS6's Amazing Patch Tool

In this video, you'll learn how to use Photoshop's amazing Patch tool to remove an object. We'll take a look at how it worked in Photoshop CS5 versus using the new Content-Aware option in CS6. To watch it, give this link a click to visit the Layers Magazine web site: http://lesa.in/Sxd64a

Top O'Reilly ebooks on sale for 50% off

Happy Friday everyone!

FYI, from August 9 through August 16, O'Reilly Media is having a 50% off sale on their top 20 best-reviewed ebooks. I'm thrilled to say this sale includes my latest book, Photoshop CS6: The Missing Manual. Please note this sale is for the ebook and not the print version. Click the following link to take advantage of this amazing deal: http://oreil.ly/Rr4viO. Have a creative weekend!

Using Levels in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

To correct the lightness or brightness in your images, you can reach for a Levels adjustment. In this video you'll learn how to use Levels non-destructively, plus you'll learn how to use the Levels histogram and sliders to visually adjust the dark and light areas of your image to create greater contrast. Happily, this technique works exactly the same way in Photoshop Elements.

Sessions.edu interviews

For the past few years, I've taught an advanced Photoshop course at the international online graphic design school, Sessions.edu. Every once in awhile they interview their instructors for the Campus News Newsletter and this time it was my turn. Whee! You can click this link to give the interview a read: http://lesa.in/ODC69J