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What Photoshop doesn't want you to know about Lightroom

Even though Photoshop's immense popularity morphed its name into a verb—"Dude, she Photoshopped me out of the picture!"—it’s not for the faint at heart. Now that Adobe offers both Photoshop and Lightroom (plus other nifty goodies) for $10/month via its Creative Cloud Photography Program, a dirty little secret is creeping out of the image editing bag: it’s easier to edit images in Lightroom than in Photoshop. Brace yourself and consider the following major advantages...

Replacing Backgrounds with Photoshop's Background Eraser

The Background Eraser makes short work of zapping backgrounds, as it deletes pixels similar in color to the ones you paint across. However, the trick to using it successfully—especially on images that include fine details such as hair—lies in its Options bar settings and a good deal of patience. In this column, you’ll learn how to use it to remove the sky behind these people. Take a deep breath and read on!

Photoshop User magazine column teaser

Teaser alert! Here's one of the three techniques I'm writing about today for my Beginner's Workshop column in the November issue of Photoshop User magazine. It's a classy yet simple promotional / ad design for photographers, all done in Photoshop. The stock imagery is from Fotolia.com. In fact, you can visit http://www.lesa.in/fotoliaoffer to sign up for a Fotolia account and get 10 free images (new customers only; offer does not expire).

Photoshop CC 2014 New Features

Everything new is new again

This morning, Adobe announced and shipped the 2014 release of Creative Cloud, which includes a new version of Photoshop CC! It has the most enhancements for designers that I've seen in years — which is a great thing!

At 1pm Eastern time (10am Pacific), Adobe is hosting a live event about the release (tune in here), and they’ve posted a list of what’s new in Creative Cloud here. Be sure to click through to the blogs and videos about the individual products.

Below is my roundup of the new features — you’ll be able to learn everything about them in the upcoming update to my book from O’Reilly, Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual, 2014 edition.

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FREE 1-hr webinar: Mastering Photoshop's Filters

Join me for a free, one-hour webinar Tuesday, December 10 at 10:00am PT called Mastering Photoshop's Fabulous Filters, sponsored and hosted by O'Reilly Media. In this online session you'll learn:
• How to use Photoshop CC's Camera Raw filter to make exposure and color changes
• How to use the Liquify filter to push a portrait's pixels into perfection
• How to create a gorgeous yet subtle glamour glow
• How to add motion for extra visual interest
• How to create a pencil sketch from a photo, and more.


FREE Photoshop Lightroom class Jan. 6-8

NOTE: Story edited on Dec. 17 to adjust dates from Jan. 8-10 to Jan. 6-8

Are you ready to take control of your photo library? Are you ready to actually enjoy processing your images? Then join me for a three-day immersion into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom from January 6-8, 2014 on creativeLIVE.com. You can watch the class for FREE in your web browser while it's live, though you can also purchase the course videos for a small fee (which is how I get paid for teaching it).

For more info and to register, visit http://lesa.in/1u3Ll34.

Black Friday Week Special: PS + LR = $9.99 for everyone!

This week only, Adobe is offering the Photoshop Photography Program to anyone. Previously the program was open only to those who qualified but this week that restriction has been lifted, meaning absolutely everyone -- including Creative Suite owners, students, new customers, and so on -- is eligible. The Photoshop Photography Program includes all of the following for US $9.99/month with a 12-month commitment:
• Photoshop CC
• Lightroom 5
• 20GB of online storage
• Behance ProSite
• Access to training resources on Creative Cloud Learn

FREE 1-hr webcast: Editing Habits to Break

Hey everyone! I hope you'll join me online tomorrow morning, Nov. 19 at 10:00 am PT, for a FREE webinar called "Photoshop Editing Habits to Break." The webinar is presented by O'Reilly Media, the publisher of the best-selling Photoshop: The Missing Manual, and you can watch it through your web browser as well as ask questions. Here's the scoop on what you'll learn: