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Photos for Mac and iOS: The Missing Manual available for pre-order

Photos for Mac and iOS: The Missing Manual

Amazon has my upcoming book available for pre-order! Here’s their description:

Whether you’re on a Mac or iOS device, Apple’s new Photos app makes it easy to transfer photos from a digital camera, organize them, edit them, and publish, print, or share them. But, alas, there’s no printed manual for the program. That’s where this witty, objective book comes in. Veteran Missing Manual author Lesa Snider provides step-by-step instructions and expert advice to help you:

Organize your collection. Discover all of the options for grouping and labeling your pictures.
Sharpen your editing skills. Learn how to use all of Photos’ editing options whether you’re on a Mac or iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.
Share images online. Get your photos to everyone on your list by posting them on iCloud, Facebook, and more.
Dive into creative projects. Have fun building slideshows, gift books, calendars, and cards.

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