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Lesa's Live Quote Contest Mar. 31- Apr. 2, 2014

March 29, 2014 by

Join me on creativeLIVE.com March 31-April 2 for three days of Adobe Creative Cloud Essentials and win big! Each day we'll choose FOUR lucky winners:

One person will win a $50 gift certificate from LensProToGo.com.
One person will win a $25 gift certificate from Mpix.com.
One person will win a Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual eBook from O'Reilly Media.
One person will win The Skinny on Photoshop Lightroom 5 eBook.

How to Win

1. Sign up for the PhotoLesa.com newsletter by entering your email address into the field on the right side of this website.
2. Watch the free online broadcast of Adobe Creative Cloud Essentials, March 31-April 2, 2014, on creativeLIVE.com (9:00 am - 4:00 pm PT).
3. Listen during the event for your favorite quotes. A fave tip, trick, funny moment or something that helps take your skills to the next level…I want to hear it!
4. Follow @PhotoLesa on Twitter and then tweet your favorite quote. Be sure to include @PhotoLesa along with the hashtag #lesalive. If you're on Facebook, just post your favorite quote on the PhotoLesa fan page.

Winners will be chosen at the end of each day and mentioned on Twitter or Facebook, depending on where you enter, as well as posted on PhotoLesa.com. May the creative contest force be with you!

For everyone who didn't win one of the prizes, please enjoy a 10% discount on renting camera gear from LensProToGo. Just click here and use the discount code 10CLLPTGLS. This discount expires April 16, 2014.

Congratulations to these winners on March 31:

Kelley Durham
Lesa quote: "By turning on the CAPS LOCK in Lightroom, you can automatically advance to the next image."

Erika Bresee
Lesa quote: "I love that Lesa said that she had a crush on Lightroom… I'm starting to understand why and I think I have a crush on Lightroom too."

Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual:
Phyllis Lerner
Lesa quote: "If you want a blending party with the patch tool, select Very Loose."

The Skinny Book on Photoshop Lightroom 5:
Erika at FreeAirPhotography
Lesa quote: "THANK YOU @PhotoLesa for helping me to fall in love with #Lightroom!"

Congratulations to these winners on April 1:

Marti Reed
Lesa quote: "Neat! "Hold option key down while dragging layers between documents and they'll land centered and you won't have to reposition them.""

Claire Skinner
Lesa quotes: "If you pick a color from your image [for your type color], you are 100% guaranteed they will go together."
"Use an email address with your domain name to look professional. Don't use gmail, yahoo,... addresses. It sends a message."
"CCCCCC, it's a nice grey and it makes you sound like you're Italian!"

Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual:
Linda Walton
Lesa quote: "Layer masking is digital masking tape! @PhotoLesa is making things stick in my head during Creative Cloud Essentials "

The Skinny Book on Photoshop Lightroom 5:
Rita Odle
Lesa quote: "Lesa uses crazy imagery to keep viewer engaged. It works! Lesa, you use the cutest and funniest photos! I always look forward to what you will create next! Keep them coming!"

Congratulations to these winners on April 2:

Tina Thelen
Lesa quotes: My favorite saying "BIG HONKIN DIALOG BOX" I hear that whenever I open LensCorrect filter in PS!
"Thanks to Lesa for showing me this SUPER easy action for adding watermarks to photos!!"

Holly Tanner Strauss
Lesa quote: "Log into kuler with your Adobe ID for extra super powers!"

Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual:
Rita Odle
Lesa quotes: "Never ever use the Sharpen Tool on your image layer! Use it on an empty layer so you can lower the opacity of the sharpening or throw that layer away if you don"t like it." Great tips from Lesa when working non-destructively and saving time! Thanks Lesa!!!
"Get into your "Happy Place" and type your About Me info in a text file and copy and paste your information to your Behance ProSite account." I love how Lesa uses her upload and wait times enjoying a frosty beverage and being happy and joyful. Good tips for not letting stress getting in the way of creation and fun!!!


Congratulations to all our winners!