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Lesa's Live Quote Contest Jan. 6-8, 2014

January 04, 2014 by

Join me on creativeLIVE.com January 6-8, for three days of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Essentials and win big! Each day we'll choose FIVE lucky winners:

One person will win a $50 gift certificate from LensProToGo.com.
Two people will win a $25 gift certificate from Mpix.com.
One person will win a Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual eBook from O'Reilly Media.
One person will win The Skinny on Photoshop Tips eBook.

At the end of the workshop, one lucky winner will be chosen for a grand prize of a $100 gift certificate for LensProToGo.com.

How to Win

1. Sign up for the PhotoLesa.com newsletter by entering your email address into the field on the right side of this website.
2. Watch the free online broadcast of Lightroom Essentials, January 6-8, 2014, on creativeLIVE.com (9:00 am - 4:00 pm PT).
3. Listen during the event for your favorite quotes. A fave tip, trick, funny moment or something that helps take your skills to the next level…I want to hear it!
4. Follow @PhotoLesa on Twitter and then tweet your favorite quote. Be sure to include @PhotoLesa along with the hashtag #lesalive. If you're on Facebook, just post your favorite quote on the PhotoLesa fan page.

Winners will be chosen at the end of each day and mentioned on Twitter or Facebook, depending on where you enter, as well as posted on PhotoLesa.com. May the creative contest force be with you!

For everyone who didn't win one of the prizes, please enjoy a 10% discount on renting camera gear from LensProToGo. Just click here and use the discount code 10CLLPTGLS. This discount expires April 16, 2014.

Congratulations to these winners on Jan 6:

Keisha Jordan-Nhau
Lesa quote: "Lightroom is going to make you happy -- it's good for your health."

Todd Thompson
Lesa quote: "If I don't understand the why before the how, I'll never understand the how. Why? Why? Why?"

Shannon Miller
Lesa quote: "Love that you can load the paint can and give your images an attribute that quickly!!"

Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual:
Emory Stroud
Lesa quote: "How do you deselect? I can't tell you when I first started using Lightroom I was clicking around and was cursing like a sailor….they're all still selected. How do you deselect, for the love of Thor? You click in the gray area!"

The Skinny Book on Photoshop Tips:
Norwood Evans
Twitter: @norwoodevans
Lesa quote: “Psht -- if you use that little sound, it is even more fun!" You say a lot of funny stuff, but that is my fave.

Congratulations to these winners on Jan 7:

Roz Fruchtman
Twitter: @PhotoshopHaven
Lesa quote: "WOWEE [email protected]'s FREE Lightroom Essentials class on @creativeLIVE is "OFF THE HOOK!" SO MUCH info!"

Lesley Oswin
Twitter: @LunaTicket
Lesa quote: On Lightroom target collections: "It's like having the eye of Mordor on that collection."

Mike Russell
Twitter: @mikerussellfoto
Lesa tip: When cropping, use the Ctrl/Cmd key & draw a line to straighten the image.

Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual:
Bethany Harris
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bethany.e.harris
Lesa quote: This is a great analogy that helped me understand the difference between Raw and JPEG! "Raw images is like the cookie ingredients you can choose to leave out the nuts, the jpeg is like the baked cookie, there's not much you can do with it, you can maybe frost it…”

The Skinny Book on Photoshop Tips:
Saun Owens
Lesa comment: I love your enthusiasm and all your terminology, i.e. Daggums, honkers, and my humble opinion. I love your excitement and the love you show for the product. I learned so much about the global adjustments this a.m. I can't believe it. Thank you, I'm purchasing this course. Thank you, thank you!

Congratulations to these winners on Jan 8:

Agnes White
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agwhite
Lesa comment: Thank you for teaching me about the spray can! I just keyworded over 100 photos in 15 min with multiple keywords. So amazing to do in batch. So easy! I love it. Thank you for teaching me how to speed up my workflow.

Cynthia Fontenot
Twitter: @cynteauh
Lesa quote: "Though shalt not live a fear-based life."

Joe Norris
Twitter: @JoeNoPhoto
Lesa comment: "The course with Lesa was amazing! Even as someone who has used lightroom a lot, I learned countless new things that I can not wait to try out. Fantastic course!"

Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual:
Jenny Neill
Twitter: @jennyneill
Lesa comment: Surprised by this, but... Learning @Lightroom from @PhotoLesa is making me excited to learn @Photoshop

The Skinny Book on Photoshop Tips:
Claire Skinner
Lesa quote: "Start with Blurb to lay out your book to get low resolution warnings for small photos. You can always switch to PDF later."

Grand Prize from LensProToGo.com:
Wendy Coonin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1wrsc
Lesa comment: My favorite quote is the way you say "Heck no" But after using Lightroom for years, (and even taught) I've learned several NEW tricks. 1: to clone something w/ the spot remover is GREAT. 2: the A & B setting on the brush and fixing the sky w/ HSL are great fixes!!!

Congratulations to all our winners!