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FREE 1-hr webinar: Mastering Photoshop's Filters

December 09, 2013 by

Join me for a free, one-hour webinar Tuesday, December 10 at 10:00am PT called Mastering Photoshop's Fabulous Filters, sponsored and hosted by O'Reilly Media. In this online session you'll learn:
• How to use Photoshop CC's Camera Raw filter to make exposure and color changes
• How to use the Liquify filter to push a portrait's pixels into perfection
• How to create a gorgeous yet subtle glamour glow
• How to add motion for extra visual interest
• How to create a pencil sketch from a photo, and more.

No matter which version of Photoshop (or Elements, for that matter) you're using, this class will teach you practical techniques that are handy for holiday projects, too! We'll touch on a couple of Photoshop CC's new filters but for the most part, we'll be using filters that have been in the program for years.For more info and to register, visit O'Reilly Media's web site: http://oreillynet.com/pub/e/2981. Hope to see you there!