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Black Friday Week Special: PS + LR = $9.99 for everyone!

November 26, 2013 by

This week only, Adobe is offering the Photoshop Photography Program to anyone. Previously the program was open only to those who qualified but this week that restriction has been lifted, meaning absolutely everyone -- including Creative Suite owners, students, new customers, and so on -- is eligible. The Photoshop Photography Program includes all of the following for US $9.99/month with a 12-month commitment:
• Photoshop CC
• Lightroom 5
• 20GB of online storage
• Behance ProSite
• Access to training resources on Creative Cloud Learn
• Ongoing updates and upgrades

This offer extends through 9am US/Pacific December 2, 3013. To take advantage of it, visit Adobe's Photoshop Photography Program web page: https://creative.adobe.com/plans/offer/photoshop+lightroom