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Serious fun at Macworld Expo

(sniffle, sniffle, cough, cough) Well, it happened again. The darn post-Macworld flu/cold bug that seems to attack no matter how one prepares thyself. Nevertheless, last week was unbelievably productive, fun, and rewarding. Thanks to everyone who attended my Main Stage sessions on web visibility and travel tips! It was wonderful having such a nice audience, and as promised, the Travel Tip section now lives.

The trek back and forth to DV Expo West

After a nice cup of french vanilla flavored oatmeal in my room (brewed in the strangest coffee pot ever), we headed over to the Staples Convention Center in downtown LA. It's almost amazing to me how a convention center morphs from the abandon-warehouse look into a brilliantly lit, booth-packed, glittering, sparkling expo. It was a good day. I had a good time hooking up all of the AV equipment (everybody else is afraid to mess with all the cables and electricity), and enjoyed testing out the big speakers with a little quality Velvet Revolver. Then we went out for some awesome LA sushi.

Winter adventures in LA

I wish Delta Song flew out of DFW. I really do. I hear all these tales of $5 shaken martinis made fresh in the aisle by your seat, stories of being presented with menus of gourmet food choices (???), the brightly colored leather seats, the cheerful trivia messages played over the PA. Instead, I flew American where there were no martinis and certainly no food. I had an uneventful flight and slept the entire way. The only exciting thing was passing Danny Glover in first class :)

What's the image's purpose in life?

Think before you shoot. What are you going to use the image for? Are you going to print it? Ever? You need to make sure you’re using the right image quality setting on your camera before you snap the shot. Digital cameras have settings from basic to fine to very fine, and in some cases, something rather alien called “raw” (requires a special plug-in in order for your image editing software to open them).

Panther Hot Tips for Designers

Be one with your sidebar! Apple added this new feature to the Finder to store not only mounted volumes, but also files, folders, or anything else you want to put there. The default set includes your Desktop, Home folder, Applications, Documents, Movies, Music, and Pictures, but it's completely customizable. Just click and drag an item to the sidebar and bam! Quick access is one click away. To remove an item, just click and drag it outside of the window, let go and watch it vanish into a puff of smoke.