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How to access advanced OpenType features in a variety of apps

Fancy typography doesn’t require expensive software. Thanks to the OpenType font format, the newest versions of everyday software (and the pro stuff) can tap into a multitude of alternate character designs if you know where to look. In this column, you’ll learn to use a variety of applications to add a special flourish to an important letter in a word—say, the first or last letter of a name—or to change the appearance of any amount of text. It’s a wonderful way to enliven an invitation, greeting card, inspirational graphic, logo, headlines, stationery, resume, and so on...

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14: a comprehensive review

This past fall Adobe released a new version of their consumer-level photo organizing and editing application, Photoshop Elements 14. A mature and uniquely user-friendly application, the latest version has a host of welcome improvements for beginners and advanced users alike. For example, the Organizer has better facial recognition and it’s easy to find images that you haven’t yet organized with tags and events.

New book project is Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC for Photographers: Classroom in a Book!

I'm absolutely over the MOON to announce my new book project, "Adobe Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC for Photographers: Classroom in a Book." Of all the tech books in the whole wide world, this is the one I wanted to write the most. I can't wait to help people learn to use these two amazing applications together.

Google Nik Collection now free!

Google Nik Plugin Collection

Hey everyone! In case you haven't heard, as of yesterday (March 24) the Google Nik Collection of SEVEN desktop plug-ins are now free. The company is also offering a refund for anyone who purchased the collection in 2016. You can learn more at this link: https://www.google.com/nikcollection/

Understanding photography-related file formats

In last week's Creaticity column, you learned about basic image file formats such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc. However, once you pick up a camera, terms such as raw and file formats such as DNG, XMP, along with a plethora of proprietary formats, can creep into your life. In this column, you’ll learn what all that means.

Understanding basic image file formats

Chances are good that you’ve witnessed a wide variety of file formats flit across your screen, but do you really understand what they mean? For example, you may understand that a JPEG is for pictures but what’s a PNG and a TIFF? And which format supports an image with a see-through background? In this column, you’ll get answers to those questions and more... click here to read the full story on Macworld.com

The secret to producing subtle photographic color effects in Photoshop

Color trends come and go, though when it comes to photographic treatments, some color effects are here to stay. For example, adding a brown tint to a black and white image produces a sepia tone that evokes a vintage or romantic feel. Likewise, adding pastel pink or blue—Pantone’s colors of the year are rose quartz (13-1520) and serenity (15-3919)—to a black and white image evokes a soft, dreamy feel. These ageless and classy techniques limit the photo’s color palette, which puts focus on the image content.

30% off Exposure X and other Alien Skin software

All of Alien Skin's photo editing apps, including the new Exposure X, are 30% off through Wednesday, March 2nd. They're used by some of the most successful photographers in the world, including one of my personal faves, Sue Bryce! Have a look here.

How to calculate print size for your photos

Resolution is one of the most commonly misunderstood concepts in digital imaging, though it’s crucial when printing your mementos. You could trudge through life without understanding resolution, and the Print dialog box in most apps and most online print labs alert you if you don’t have enough of it to print.

Photoshop Week 2016 broadcasts FREE this week

Photoshop Week instructors 2013

creativeLIVE's Photoshop Week is broadcasting free this week! Watch this event that I co-created here.

This class is 100% free to watch through your web browser while it's live, or during the replay each evening. You can also buy anytime-access at 50% off this week!

Note: the graphic above is from a previous Photoshop Week — creativeLIVE doesn't seem to have a graphic for this year's event!