Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Going home for a Week

There ain't nothing like going home.

This past week I was lucky enough to score several speaking gigs in the DFW area of my beloved Lone Star State so I got to stay for 6 days. First I did a little ditty on digital photography for the Cowtown Mac Users Group, then enlightened two UTA commercial graphics classes on the gloriousity of iStockphoto, I spent the afternoon with a cool design firm called Church Media in Keller, taught a two-hour hands on Photoshop course at the Art Institute of Dallas on Friday, then finished the week out with a tex-mex lunch with four area iStockphoto contributors--a good time was had by all! Gads they just really can't do spicy up here in New England.

I spent some quality time with friends I used to see on a daily basis, ate at my very favorite restaurants, and drove familiar roads that I've been down a thousand times. It was a little like going back in time and I have to say, it was fun yet melancholy. I've always known I missed that area and the life I led, but I guess that's just part of life. I wouldn't trade what I have now and the experiences I'm having being this close to Manhattan, but... you know--I *really* miss my friends.

Anyway, included in this post are a few of my favorite shots during the week snapped with a Canon 40D I'm lucky enough to have in my possession (thank you Canon!). I *so* do not want to send this thing back. My own camera is a Rebel XTi which is great, but it's nothing like the 40D. With the 40D, I actually feel like a pro. It's easy to use and the photos are just amazing. I also didn't have to RTFM to figure it out, which was nice. (Okay so I had to look up how to set aperture when in Manual mode.)

On Sunday I drove to East Texas to spend some quality time with Mama which was great. On the way home I suffered many delays due to weather, which meant I should have just stayed put an extra day. This was the view outside the airplane window:


At February 27, 2008 11:23 PM , Anonymous Shawn King said...

But you didn't want to stay put because you wanted to rush home to be in the arms of your loving husband who you missed very much...right? RIGHT!?


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